Jorge Soler was doing his best Delmon Young impression.  Seriously though, they need to get a handle on this guy. 5 games is not enough IMO. How about 50 games like PED users? cheap nfl nike jerseys

We'll see if the punishment means anything to him. chicago cubs jerseys The Cubs need to nip this in the bud before he becomes another Milton Bradley, Carlos Zambrano, etc.  This guy has too much talent/potential to let him become an anger-management case with possible assault chargers cheap mlb jerseys in the future, and who knows what could happen OFF THE FIELD!

But I still can't find what set him off. I'm guessing the cheap hoody jersey Clearwater bench was throwing some insults in his direction. I hope he and the team move on from this, it's nothing you want to be noted for cheap jerseys free shipping.
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